The project is the embodiment of the goal of minimalism with high functionality. This complex consists of two residential blocks of blocked buildings and five individual houses.

One of the advantages of the project is its location: the complex is suitable for those who dream of combining life in the suburbs, close to forests, with the activity of the urban environment.

The Scandinavian style of this complex is emphasized by the natural surroundings and fits into the existing environment. The neighborhoods have their own public “green” space.

The architecture of the project is thought out to the smallest detail. Natural materials such as wood, ceramics, metal add uniqueness to the module. You would like to consider their combinations in detail.

By purchasing an open-plan residential module, you can design its interior individually for yourself.

  • Location: Yuzhny District in Grodno, Belarus
  • Area: 32 000 m2
  • Apartment type A: 95 m2
  • Apartment type B: 130 m2
  • Year: 2024